5 Simple ways to really manage your hypertension

5 Simple ways to really manage your hypertension

5 Simple ways to really manage your hypertension

Hypertension is a disease that affect all the patient quality of life if it is not controlled.
This control can be with the medication .

Here we will discuss how to Control hypertension without medication or to be more precise to minimise the amount of the medication you take you control .

1. Practice exercises daily

Regular excercises as about 150- 200 minutes a week, or about 30 minutes daily of the week — can lower your blood pressure by about 5 to 8 mm Hg if you have high blood pressure. 
Here's very important point is to keep consistency excercises as to keep control of your hypertension.
If you have blood pressure level is higher than normal levels it will prevent development of hypertension. If you are already hypertension regular physical excercises can bring your blood pressure down to safer levels.
Some examples of  effective exercise you may practice to lower blood pressure include walking, jogging, cycling, swimming or dancing.Strength training also can help reduce blood pressure. Aim to include strength training exercises at least two days a week.

2. Extra Weight loss 

 as weight increases Blood pressure often increases .Being overweight also can contribute to disturbance in breathing while you sleep (sleep apnea), who's one of the causes of increased blood pressure.
one of the most effective lifestyle changes  for keep your Blood pressure under control is weight loss . Even small amount lost from your total weight can effectively affect your plan to control blood pressure . In general, your blood pressure can be reduced by about 1 millimeter of mercury (mm Hg) with each kilogram of weight you lose.
Besides shedding pounds, you generally should also keep an eye on your waistline. Carrying too much weight around your waist can put you at greater risk of high blood pressure.
In general:
  • For Men  :  if your waist measurement is more than 40 inch your at risk .
  • .
  • For women  :  if your waist measurement is more than 35 your at risk .

3.lower sodium intake your diet

the lower sodium in your diet the better the control on your blood pressure levels and so on the better the improvement of your heart health and this can lead to reduction of  blood pressure by about 5 to 6 mm Hg of your high blood pressure levels.

The effect of sodium intake on hypertension control is variable among groups of people. In general, limit sodium to 2,3 grams (mg) a day or less.

4. Lower alcohol intake

Drinking alcohol raise blood pressure. In fact, 16% of high blood pressure cases worldwide is due to alcohol drinking .
low-to-moderate amounts of alcohol drinking  may protect the heart according to some studies suggestions , but those benefits are offset by the risks that caused by its serious hypertension .

5. Test Caffeine effect on your blood pressure 

People drinking caffeinated coffee and tea is a cause of a lower risk of heart disease , including high blood pressure people , than those who don't (1).
Caffeine effect is stronger on people who don't consumei than who don't consume it regularly (1).
Test your  sensitivity to caffiene  and if it raise your blood pressure cut back it to lowers your blood pressure (0).
Caffeine can cause a short-term spike in blood pressure, although it does not cause long lasting increase increase in blood pressure in many other people .

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