The best Detox diet for faster weight loss

The best Detox diet for faster weight loss

The best Detox diet for faster weight loss


    Fast loss of weight is the challenge you may have been planned to achieve many times before specially who needs faster weight loss plan to achieve near objective like a woman who need to get inshape fast and achieve effective weight loss transformation for a party or a girl who is ready to marry and have short period to her marriage party  

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Antioxidants are nutrients that help resist free
 radicals resulting from exposure to external factors which cause damage to the cells of the body and lead to the appearance of the effects of premature aging.

 Therefore, care should be taken to eat food sources of antioxidants to avoid those destructive effects of body cells, and strengthen the immune system

What is an antioxidant diet

We are all aware of the effective positive effects of a healthy diet on the body. Diets not only help you lose weight, but they are essential for treating common diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and others

The antioxidant diet is a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, and polyphenols. The body can fight free radicals and boost immunity. An antioxidant-rich diet helps reduce the risk of many diseases such as heart disease and cancer

The most important food sources rich in antioxidants

All kinds of colorful fruits and vegetables contain a huge proportion of antioxidants. Tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, red cabbage, red peppers, oranges, cherries, cranberries, strawberries, grapes, and kiwi

Here are some guidelines for following an antioxidant diet

Faster weight loss


For coffee lovers, coffee is one of the most important sources of antioxidants, so you can have a cup of coffee at the beginning of the day without feeling guilty.

 Alternatively, you can have a cup of antioxidant-rich green tea to fight against free radicals and get caffeine taste.

After that, it is recommended to eat healthy green smoothies made from spinach, avocado, almond milk, and chia seeds. All of these foods are from antioxidant sources. Or take a cup of cranberry juice with a little cinnamon. As well as containing vitamins A, C, and E, it also contains flavonoids that help reduce the effects of premature aging and give you a fresh complexion


Doctors recommend eating some snacks between meals to feel full and provide the body with energy  and nutrient. 

Eat some colorful vegetables and fruits such as colored red pepper slices with delicious hummus sauce , As well as containing antioxidants, red peppers also have effective properties to reduce cholesterol levels. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which help prevent cancer and heart disease

Weight loss fast

Also eat a handful of nuts rich in antioxidants and polyphenols such as almonds, peanuts, cashews, pistachios, macadamia and more. These foods help keep arteries healthy and get rid of precipitated fat, helping to prevent strokes


For lunch, you can eat a few pulses with fresh vegetables. For example, eat a box of red beans with tomatoes, onions and garlic. 

Garlic and onions not only help to enhance the delicious taste, but each contains enormous amounts of antioxidants, which works to combat free radicals. Legumes also contain antioxidants with dietary fiber that help lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressures


For dinner, eat any rich protein sources as aslice of is very effective sir salmon with steamed vegetables is very bu it! Salmon contains a huge percentage of fatty acids and omega-3, which help reduce the risk of heart disease. It also contains antioxidants, which help activate the body and boost immunity

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