8 delicious foods that help you lose weight fast

8 delicious foods that help you lose weight fast

8 delicious foods that help you lose weight fast

The daily pressures that occur in life make everyone looking for how to discharge through the pleasure of making them forget what they suffer from

, so the first thing that comes to their minds is food, and the demand to eat too many causes many health problems, including overweight and obesity, so they may resort To take some types of drugs to reduce their appetite without consulting the specialist doctor or know the nature of their bodies and the reasons that lead them to eat a lot of food.

. This often results in adverse reactions

When you stop taking these medications, your appetite becomes worse, they eat more than you have before, and the drugs have bad side effects on health in general

So here are some types of foods that reduce your appetite safely


 The amount of grip of almonds gives your body its need for antioxidants and vitamin E and magnesium and make you feel full and full and can be taken when you feel hungry or added to the salad


 One egg contains about seventy-eight calories, so it is recommended to eat at breakfast to give you satiety for a long time and reduce your appetite, making you eat fewer calories than usual by three hundred and thirty calories

Trans fats

Fat is not what you might expect somebody needs to abstain from eating it causes an increase in body weight and therefore make sure to eat unsaturated fats such as those found in fish

Green tea

 Green tea reduces your hunger and boosts the metabolism, helping it burn fat and this lead to faster weight loss as green tea is considered as one of the best detox drink and fat cutter specially belly fat .


You can use carrots to eat while cooking food because when you cook you will feel hungry and may resort to filling your hunger by eating what you are cooking meat or starches, so the carrots reduce the feeling of hunger and it does not contain high calories so carrot juice is one of the juices that help you lose weight lose fast .


 Drinking coffee in moderation during the day will help reduce your appetite because the antioxidants in the coffee interact with caffeine but do not increase them


 Fourteen grams of pine contains ninety-five calories and contains fatty acids useful for the heart and works to increase the secretion of hormones that promote the feeling of satiety and fatty acids reduce belly fat.

 You should make sure to drink plenty of water because it helps the body to lose weight and get rid of toxins stored in fat, as in most cases the feeling of hunger is caused by thirst, so it is recommended when you feel hungry drink water first

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