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4 top healthy super foods with maximum nutrition

4 top healthy super foods with maximum nutrition  No doubt , you can know people health from their daily diet components this mean the quality of their food , the quantity and the time of their daily meals . In this article we will review the effect of the quality of the food on the general health , the foods which contains the healthy mix of vitamins , minerals , essential nutrients , carbohydrates , proteins and healthy fats is the best food to be consumed with the optimum quantity . We will review the most healthy food which is very necessary to be consumed every day for intake of the optimum nutrients you need everyday . 1.  oatmeal Due to its high health benefits and the great content of the most vital and necessary daily required nutrients , it is one of the most recommended super healthy food for cardiovascular and diabetes patients . This mean it is very effective for the normal people for better health , you can get all nutrients you need from oatmeal whic

Why can't I lose weight ?

Why can't I lose weight ? Sure you have asked yourself this question many times when you started diet plan to lose weight but you failed to lose weight and achieve your weight goal. The main cause of this problem is from yourself , as the first time you decide to lose weight and Go on diet plane to get in shape . Here are 3 reasons for weight loss failure: result forecasting Some people starting weight loss diet plan and waiting for first and surprising results in the fastest time. Problem starting when you don't find the results you have forcasted in the start of the diet plan .  this time will be a turning point for some people so they become so frustrated to continue on the weight loss diet plan so they  stopt nlen and and return worse than before . You must forecast the optimum results from your weight loss diet plan to continue without frustration. 2.high sugar consumption  One of the most challenging enemies for any

3 foods help you achieve your weight loss transformation

3 foods help you achieve your weight loss transformation Weight loss transformation is a great dream and challenging objective , you may started diet plan to achieve your weight loss goal but you stopped it due to frustration ...!  Your appetite , the most successful step in each weight loss journey is to control your Appetite. to foods which cause weight gain and so lead to failure of weight loss transformation dream . Here , we will provide you with weight loss motivations , the magic secret of the diet plan which help you control your appetite and in the same time keep you feel saturation sensation . 5 healthy food you can eat without limit with no calories intake : These foods help your saturation sensation which make your calorie intake from your daily meals even you Can't control the your high calories food intake . Just you need to eat these foods among or before your main meals every day . 1. Cucumber Water is the main content of Cucumber which

My experience to lose wight fast wthout restrictions

My experience to lose wight fast wthout restrictions No doubt , obesity was one of my great headaches in my life as i have extensive information about what obesity seriously affecting my all life activities now and in the future . Weight loss was challenging objective as i like food like music , food not means to me source of vitamin or power bht it is ource of happiness specially i choose what i eat carefully but , my problem was i have no control on my appetite so i still eating untill i feel over saturation . Suddenly Obesity complication thaf i was usually afraid from started now , i am thirty years old but many thanks to allah it was less comllicated than i was thinking . GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disease) was the alarm to me to make new cahange in my lifestyle , my physicians adviced me to stop several delicious foods like burger , fries , pepsi .... etc . It was great challenge to get rid of my delicious daily meals but the pain and night reflux , re