Healthy recipes for skin care

 For years, people have been turning to healthy recipes to care for their skin. This includes making your own face wash, using natural products to treat acne, and drinking green tea to ward off wrinkles. The best part is that most of these products are easy to find and can be found for much cheaper than the products in the store. I have compiled a list of the best healthy products for skin that you can use to care for your skin without breaking the bank. Deep down, we all want to be beautiful. It’s how we define ourselves and what we aspire to be. But what if we could be even more attractive, more radiant, and more youthful? The answer, of course, is to start using healthy skincare products. You’ve heard of superfoods and antioxidants, but what about super-foods for your skin? The right nutrients can help your skin look younger and healthier. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite superfoods for skin care that can help you achieve the best results possible. Have you ever heard of a recipe

3 foods help you achieve your weight loss transformation

3 foods help you achieve your weight loss transformation

Weight loss transformation is a great dream and challenging objective , you may started diet plan to achieve your weight loss goal but you stopped it due to frustration ...! 

Your appetite , the most successful step in each weight loss journey is to control your Appetite. to foods which cause weight gain and so lead to failure of weight loss transformation dream .

Here , we will provide you with weight loss motivations , the magic secret of the diet plan which help you control your appetite and in the same time keep you feel saturation sensation .

5 healthy food you can eat without limit with no calories intake :

These foods help your saturation sensation which make your calorie intake from your daily meals even you Can't control the your high calories food intake .

Just you need to eat these foods among or before your main meals every day .

1. Cucumber

Water is the main content of Cucumber which reach to be 95% of its content , Cucumber is one of most hydrating vegetable on the earth .

In 2011 , a study founded that people who drink water before meal have lost 2 kilograms from their weight more than who don't do , this study was published in the journal of obesity .

6 foods can help you achieve your weight loss transformation

Cucumber consumption before every meal will achieve the same effect of drinking water before meals ،  the main secret of Cucumber it support your weight loss diet plan as you will feel saturated as mentioned above so you will eat less and so on less calories .

But in the same time Cucumber will provide your body with it required minerals and vitamins as vitamin c as the main vitamin , b carotene , flavonoids, triterpenes  plus it great content of antioxidants .


You can call it diet food as it is one of the most supporting healthy food  in your weight loss journey .

Celery contain diatery fibers which will support your weight loss diet plan was it will fill your stomach and support your fulfillment sensation .

3 foods can help you achieve your weight loss transformation

Celery juice also very effective in weight loss as you will make use its high content of fibers , one cup of its juice contain only 15 calories witch is less than 1% of the daily calories requirement.


As you guess from its name its main content is water so it is a magic food supporting weight loss plus its magic content of more than 50 compounds containing vitamins like vitamin C , K , E and vitamin A , it also contains iron and many other vital minerals which support your health .

3 foods can help you achieve your weight loss transformation

Watercress juice is very effective in providing you body with all these vitamins and minerals , you can consume watercress diet soup which may served hot or cold it contain many components with watercress so it will be very effective in weight loss dude to its high nutrition content which is is very effective for better health.

You can read more about watercress diet soup from


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