intermittent fasting is the best weight loss diet plan

Chris Hemsworth's instructor says intermittent fasting is 'loopy' powerful for weight reduction Jonathan Prime/Warner Bros.  Chris Hemsworth constructed big muscle mass to play Thor with the assist of Luke Zocchi, his non-public instructor. But certainly considered one among his maximum tough roles required him to lose a variety of weight quickly,  Z occhi stated. Intermittent fasting changed into vital for hitting the purpose weight and the outcomes were "loopy," he stated.  Visit Insider's homepage for extra stories. The actor Chris Hemsworth is satisfactory recognized for wearing a godlike body as Thor, and constructing and retaining Marvel muscle mass takes a variety of difficult paintings and method.  But his instructor stated his proudest second changed into getting Hemsworth to drop a variety of weight to play a sailor after a shipwreck for 2015's "In the Heart of the Sea." "Everyone thinks of him in Thor, being large and muscly, howe

My experience to lose wight fast wthout restrictions

My experience to lose wight fast wthout restrictions

No doubt , obesity was one of my great headaches in my life as i have extensive information about what obesity seriously affecting my all life activities now and in the future .

Weight loss was challenging objective as i like food like music , food not means to me source of vitamin or power bht it is ource of happiness specially i choose what i eat carefully but , my problem was i have no control on my appetite so i still eating untill i feel over saturation .

My experience to lose wight fast wthout restrictions

Suddenly Obesity complication thaf i was usually afraid from started now , i am thirty years old but many thanks to allah it was less comllicated than i was thinking .

GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disease) was the alarm to me to make new cahange in my lifestyle , my physicians adviced me to stop several delicious foods like burger , fries , pepsi .... etc .

It was great challenge to get rid of my delicious daily meals but the pain and night reflux , restrictions in driving car and travels..... all these complains was life poisining .

On the other hand . i have started treatment course for GERD , it lasted for 6 months , during this severe months i have no way except restrict to my GIT specialist advises which was very valuable to change my old habbits and changes to be lifestyle .

Furthermore , these instructions helped me unintentiinally to achieve my weight loss transformation goal without any effort or abbreviation , sepcially i have modified most of these advises to make it lifestyle habbits with my own style .

4 main habbits made me lose weight fast (18 kg in two months )

This weight of fats i have lost in this period may means very long time to many weight loss diets plans ,  but the challenge was safe weight loss and fat burning which last forever with no relapse .

My experience to lose wight fast wthout restrictions

1.Eat slowly 

It was great surprise when i have realised this effective point which was one of my life mistakes .

My experience to lose wight fast wthout restrictions
Eating fast was making me hungry all the time , as the fast you eat is the slow your stomach digest so you feel saturation fast before you really saturated so the early you need another meals .

2.stop sugar 

The more sugar you consume is the more hunger you feel .

this is the truth i have discovered and i have maken sure when i started decrease my daily consumption of sugar untill  i  have stopped sugar completely .

Sugar is the fastest food to be digested and produce the largest amount of calories .

But the problem is calories produced from sugar are the main block in your weight loss journey .

My experience to lose wight fast wthout restrictions

Replace sugar with the natural sweetners like dates , honey , cinamon ...etc was a magic alternatives for healthier life.

Stop sugar will change your life style to the best in weight loss and power.

3.stop eat before sleep 

Eating at bed time is the main reason for my two disturbing problems , obesity and GERD  as this time the slow motility of the intestine make the digestion of the food is very slow and difficult and so on the metabolism and fat burning in the lowest levels. 6 meals daily 

One of the most effective habbit support your weight loss  transformation goal is eating every 3 main meals and eating snacks in between these 3 meals .
My experience to lose wight fast wthout restrictions

This make you feel saturated before every main meal so you will eat the smallest amount support your saturation sensation so you will consume the lowest calories which lead to weight loss transformation .


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