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What you need to know about coronaviruses?

What you need to know about coronaviruses? Corona vs are types of words that affect respiratory effects of human and other mammals they are associated with severe acute respiratory syndrome and can also affect gastrointestinal tract. Corona vs was first discovered in in 1960 is nos of patients with common cold , there are two human universe OC 43 and 229E VR responsible for common colds transmission There is no great research on how human Corona viruses spread from one person to another , however it is thought it can be transferred throught respiratory system fluids. Here is the most common ways that can spread Corona virus Contact with a surface which is infected with virus even touching your nose or eyes or mouth. coughing without covering your mouth can it spread coronavirus as droplets can disperse from your mouth to the air and then spreading to another person when he breathe in these droplets. Types of coronaviruses There are different types of hu